Akusan Ventures

151% increase in overall GA revenue, 397% increase in paid iROAS, and 268% increase in overall in ROAS.


increase in overall GA revenue


increase in paid iROAS


increase in overall in ROAS


Akusan Ventures was facing intense competition in the logistics industry and struggling to differentiate itself from other players. They wanted to increase their customer base, improve brand awareness, and generate more leads.


To encapsulate the essence of Akusan Ventures' brand, we created a bold logo that symbolized their commitment to providing efficient and reliable logistics services. This ingenious logo served as a powerful branding statement, elevating their brand identity and leaving a lasting impression.

To expand their market reach, we optimized their website and online profiles for local search. This involved incorporating location-specific keywords, creating listings on platforms like Google My Business and Bing Places, and acquiring local citations. Through these strategic measures, Akusan Ventures experienced improved visibility in local search results, attracting a more targeted audience.

We meticulously crafted a fully functional, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website that showcased their unique value proposition and significantly enhanced their conversion rates. The website was designed with an aesthetic appeal, providing comprehensive information and instilling trust in visitors. As a result of our website design services, Akusan Ventures witnessed a subsequent increase in online traffic, which ultimately translated into an influx of leads over time.

Our client was particular about building a brand voice in a competitive online social community, that’s distinct, bold and engaging. We had several brainstorming sessions with our client and devised a unique social strategy that elevated their name above the cleaning services in Connecticut with several campaigns down the line. The campaigns brought a significant boost to the branding initiatives which subsequently lead to sales.

We conducted thorough research to identify the search terms and keywords actively sought by the target audience. This led to the development of a robust content strategy bolstered by effective SEO techniques. By prioritizing long-term SEO results, we devised a strategy that consistently delivered the desired outcomes, enabling Akusan Ventures to quickly and effectively gain relevant organic traffic.

Continuous analysis of data from reliable sources such as Google Analytics and SEO audits played a pivotal role in driving strategy enhancements and making data-driven decisions. We consolidated data from diverse sources into a master database, which was regularly updated and segmented for usability. This data-driven approach facilitated future marketing initiatives, ensuring ongoing success for Akusan Ventures.


As a result of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy implemented by MITDigital360, Akusan Ventures underwent a significant and enduring digital transformation. The focused optimization of their website and enhanced visibility in search engine results resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic. This impressive growth, with up to a 203% increase in both organic and paid traffic on an annual basis, underscores the effectiveness of the strategies employed and their positive impact on the overall success of Akusan Ventures' business.

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