Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement in Social media Relaunch with new website look

Campaign Objective/ Client Brief:

Empire Wine and Liquor is a popular Wine and Liquor superstore founded in 2015, situated at the busy locations of Waterbury and Wallingford. The superstore houses 10,000+ products of extensive wine and spirits. With two store locations the consumer footprint coverage is in enormous volume. Best in Connecticut to shop for all kinds of wine and spirits.

The client approached us with a straightforward requirement - for brand recall, awareness, and more sales. The brand already had a good number of in-store sales. They wanted to reach a bigger audience online and make their place in the highly competitive market.

The client is soon in the process of building an eCommerce site for online sales with the existing website for which digital traction and brand lift was more than necessary. We needed to ramp up with a multi-channel approach to reach the online audience.

Market Reach Strategy

MIT Digital came up with a mix of marketing campaigns distributed over different channels for achieving the overarching objective of brand awareness and sales.

Starting out, our team performed an in-depth competitive analysis on the best methods in the Liquor market to penetrate the digital market.

We’ve focused on methods to bridge the offline audience with online audience with a mix of creative marketing strategies- mostly with QR-based campaigns to integrate the offline and online audience.

Developed SEO focussed landing pages to gather the relevant audience and to build our database for future marketing initiatives.

We’ve built a robust marketing funnel that takes the customer on a journey all the way from attracting them as a stranger to converting them to a customer.

Website Redesign

Empire Wine and Liquor Superstore wanted an aesthetic website that can attract attention and build trust factor. The core of the website design project included creating an engaging product catalogue site, and deepening their existing content for both search and user experience.

Performed competitive analysis on prototyping, designing and style concepts.

Slight brand reposition with more inclusion of brand colour the logo, colours, and typography for a brand lift. We gave an youth appeal that’s trendy and matched the best interests of the people of Connecticut.

Created unique experiences for two different locations Waterbury and Wallingford— for target audience with different interests, homepages, and different products.

Provided more opportunities for visitors to get to know Empire Wine and liquor with Created Stronger content/digital strategy and lateral navigation opportunities between pages.

Bridging the Offline and Online Store

Today’s Customers demand an online experience and that was where the empire Wine and Liquor superstore had the need. There was a growing need to bridge the online to offline (o2o) retail gap and we’ve executed a series of campaigns to connect the dots.

Engaging in-store customers with QR code campaigns such as Seasonal offers, Loyalty programs, reward programs and contests.

Creating and Tracking campaigns using vanity urls on offline assets such as a flyer, print ad, or a billboard.

Conducting events centered around wine experiences by announcing them online and making them visit the stores.

SEO strategy

The client’s requirement was to rank their superstore between Organic and local listing and we had developed strategies to rank for both.

We analysed the relationship between local and organic rankings and looked out for an average organic position vs GMB position for the SERP’s.

Our team has doubled on the content and links around the evergreen seo trend of “near me” to rank their superstore for the local SERPs. We used a mix of a series of laser-focussed and long-tail keywords.

Enriched the site with keyword-rich content tailored around the interests of the relevant audience and shared them in social media channels to rank better.

Focussed on winning a lot of other backlinking opportunities.

Social-media Marketing

Social media is an extremely visual platform and drinking is a highly sensory activity. You can’t mimic smells or tastes through the internet yet but you can use highly visually stimulating content. The client wanted to use social media to gather an interested audience, build brand awareness, identity and engage the audience. We had to do this with a careful approach so as to be within the lines of restrictions while reaching out.This is how we did:

Research on interests and habits of target audience and A/B testing of strategies with the assumptions gathered.

Brand-oriented storytelling and conceptualizing using social media creatives.

Curation of user-generated content for community building tailored for each social media channel.

Campaigns around seasonal offers, product arrivals and promotion using paid and organic advertising.

Email Marketing

As a result of the funnel approach of data collection through various sources, we executed email marketing to a constantly updated list of subscribers.

Use visual storytelling as a core of our email marketing to help the audience get into the message we wish to convey.

Campaigns around tasting sessions, Seasonal offers, products, popular brands and events tailored for locations of Waterbury and Wallingford.

Delivered as much as 48% open rate and succeeded in bringing the audience to the store to attend events.

Analysed consumer behavior and executed retargeting emails for interested audiences to inspire them in making a purchase.

Data Analysis

We believe in the power of data. And so we constantly analyse the metrics and work on improvising the strategy based on the observations.

Google analytics and SEO audits: We work on extracting weekly and monthly reports to analyse the fluctuations in metrics.

Gather data from various sources and unify it to create a master sheet database for future marketing initiatives. Segregate data into usable and unusable and update the database from time to time.

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