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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your
conversion rate than by doubling your traffic” – Jeff Eisenberg

Boost Patient Acquisition, grow patients and scale up your hospital business with a result-driven Digital Marketing Agency
The world has become greatly dependent on the internet for searching information on every industry and healthcare is no exception. In fact, during the pandemic the drive towards digitalization in the healthcare industry has increased manifold so much that people have become accustomed to it now.

  • 1. There are 70,000 health-related searches per minute, every day.
  • 2. According to Google, search drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search.
  • 3. Local convenience is key as “near me” searches for health-related services have doubled since 2015.

The digital competition has thickened and it’s important that you join the bandwagon to stay relevant to today’s audience and excel in business. At MITDigital360, we provide customised digital marketing solutions for doctors & other patient-centric healthcare providers and hospitals to help you attract new prospects, retain a loyal patient base and grow your hospital business.


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Increase the influx of patients to your Practice with our personalised Digital marketing solutions

We understand that healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. And so we offer custom-tailored online marketing solutions built for your goals and that will take your practice to new heights.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Medical SEO

  • 1.Medical Website SEO Audit
  • 2.Local SEO
  • 3.Backlink building
  • 4. Technical SEO
  • 5. Off-page SEO

Medical Paid Advertising

  • 1. Google Adwords
  • 2. Social media Paid Advertising
  • 3. Youtube Advertising

Healthcare Websites

  • 1. Responsive Custom- Web Design
  • 2. SEO & Paid Search Friendly Websites
  • 3. Content Management
  • 4. Lead generation on automation

Doctor Profile Enhancement

  • 1. Listing on Premium listing Profiles
  • 2. Reviews
  • 3. Online Reputation Management
  • 4. Review Monitoring & Response Management

SocialMedia Marketing for Healthcare

  • 1. Customised Social media Strategy for Healthcare business
  • 2. Graphics, content, design and strategy
  • 3. Organic and Paid marketing
  • 4. Patient Acquisition

Video Marketing

  • 1. High Quality Informative Videos
  • 2. Doctor Videos Editing
  • 3. Branding
  • 4. Video SEO
  • 5. Lead Generation

Improve Audience Reach and Service Awareness

Google found that 44% of the visitors choose to make their appointment online or by calling after taking numbers from websites before visiting the premises.

Today's tech-savvy customers prefer to do an online research before choosing a hospital, clinic, or a doctor. Using digital marketing for your healthcare service gives a wider audience reach and creates a good branding of the healthcare services you provide.

Cost-effective strategy

When compared to traditional marketing options like TV advertisements and billboards, digital marketing techniques are much more cost-effective. With digital marketing you can reach your prospects at a much lesser budget and get maximum impact without having to turn to expensive techniques that may not have a high return on investment.

Creating and defending an online reputation

An active online presence can help you monitor how your practice is perceived and catch any complaints that customers may have in a highly demanding digital world. You can use these to build up a better practice and address concerns. In addition, you can use your presence to push back against false or misleading reviews and correct any wrongs that may have occurred so that you can build up a good and healthy brand image that draws in potential customers effectively.


360° digital marketing is an integrated campaign that uses targeted communication across numerous customer touchpoints.

While putting your message and brand in front of people seems similar to marketing in general, a successful 360 campaign entails strategic message placement, tailored to appeal to the particular demographic of each channel, but ultimately driving that single, unified message.
With data garnered from different channels and customer touchpoints, we leverage data-driven marketing to analyse, test and tailor strategy to meet your business goals. With marketing automation and technology, we ensure that each customer is carried on to the next-phase of their journey with your business. Team with MITDigital360° digital marketing agency in New Haven for a well-built digital foundation.

Every day customers seek brand experiences more than ever. Customers evaluate business authenticity and make their purchase decisions. It’s no wonder that businesses are looking at ways to increase their online presence, build long-term relationships and create experiences to make their place in the digital marketplace.

Our 360° marketing approach meets your customers at different points of the customer lifecycle and nurtures them down to the marketing funnel. We leverage data-driven insights and strategies garnered from customer behavior in digital touchpoints and apply proactive marketing strategies to achieve your marketing goal, whatever it may be. With MITDigital360°, be assured that you will translate your brand and win in the competition.

360 degree is critical than conventional digital marketing as we take on a customer-centric approach of marketing. Here we target customers based on their activity and take them down the marketing funnel from acquisition to sales. We use a stronger approach to digital as we’re aware of the fact that consumers have become far more decisive about evaluating businesses in the digital space and yet more active about making a purchase.

360 digital marketing is the future as it revolves around a customer’s interests and experience and contributes to long-term business goals. As digital gets more vital, 360 digital marketing and will become the core of all the marketing technologies/ approaches and will create customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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