Curo Rc

151% increase in overall GA revenue, 397% increase in paid iROAS, and 268% increase in overall in ROAS.


increase in overall GA revenue


increase in paid iROAS


increase in overall in ROAS


CuroRc is a software company specializing in sports management software, faced the challenge of increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and driving conversions for their software solutions. They wanted to position themselves as a leading provider of sports technology solutions in a competitive market.


MIT Digital 360 conducted extensive research to identify their target audience, including sports clubs, leagues, and associations. We analyzed their needs, pain points, and challenges to tailor their marketing messages accordingly.

MIT Digital 360 developed a content marketing strategy to provide valuable and educational content to their target audience. They created blog articles, whitepapers, and case studies focusing on sports management challenges and how their software solutions addressed them.

The company optimized their website and content for relevant keywords to improve their organic search rankings. They conducted keyword research to identify the terms their target audience was searching for and integrated them into their website content, blog posts, and meta tags.

Research-driven strategy development, brand-oriented storytelling, user-generated content curation, and paid/organic campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns, utilizing visual storytelling and focusing on tasting sessions, seasonal offers, products, brands, and events for Waterbury and Wallingford, achieving high open rates and driving event attendance, while retargeting emails motivated purchases.

Including Google Analytics and SEO audits, guided strategy enhancements by analyzing metric fluctuations. Data from diverse sources were consolidated into a master database for future marketing initiatives, regularly updated and segmented for usability.


MITDigital360's strategy of driving qualified traffic through proven creative resulted in a transformative impact on CuroRc digital platform and business, achieving remarkable YoY growth with a 151% increase in overall GA revenue, 397% increase in paid iROAS, and 268% increase in overall iROAS.

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