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Top Google Searches 2022 in USA

Posted on December 31,2022
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If life gives you Questions, Google gives you answers. None can deny that Google has become the ultimate Search master that everyone depends upon. From searching for answers to complex questions to finding the perfect recipe for dinner, to life-changing decisions and random acts of curiosity-chances there are several aspects of your life that involve Google in some way. Google has become the door to the online world and everyone- be it businesses or consumers are getting their queries “Googled”.

At the close of the new year 2022, have you ever wondered what other people are searching for on Google? It turns out that certain topics and trends come up time and time again. In this blog post let’s explore some amazing topics and see just how much information can be found with only a few keystrokes.

The Hot list of Google Searches 2022 in USA

  • -Wordle
  • -Election results
  • -Betty White
  • -Queen Elizabeth
  • -Bob Saget
  • -Ukraine
  • -Mega Millions
  • -Powerball numbers
  • -Anne Heche
  • -Jeffrey Dahmer

The most popular Google search was the word “Wordle”. Wordle is a captivating internet word game that has taken the virtual world by storm. In a short span of time since its launch in October, over 300,000 players have joined in to enjoy testing their knowledge with this simple but immensely popular challenge. It did tickle the curiosity of several online audience leading them to flood their social media timelines to sharing their results.

Google's top trending news searches of 2022 in USA

  • -Election results
  • -Queen Elizabeth passing
  • -Ukraine
  • -Powerball numbers
  • -Hurricane Ian
  • -Mpox (formerly known as monkeypox)
  • -Texas school shooting
  • -Will Smith Oscars
  • -Johnny Depp verdict
  • -Roe v Wade

Sports fever was certainly on and so thus landed the searches India vs England and Ind Vs SA in the top 10 list. The news searches and conversations on Elections were at their peak and People kept close tabs on happenings on Ukraine as tensions heightened over Ukraine when Russian forces entered and invaded their territory. Meanwhile, the globe mourned with heavy hearts at the death of Queen Elizabeth II - an iconic figure whose life spanned almost a century.

Google's top trending people searches of 2022 in USA

  • -Johnny Depp
  • -Will Smith
  • -Amber Heard
  • -Antonio Brown
  • -Kari Lake
  • -Anna Sorokin (Delvey)
  • -Chris Rock
  • -Andrew Tate
  • -Adam Levine
  • -Serena Williams

Johnny Depp takes the spotlight as 2021's most sought-after individual, in a defamation lawsuit against ex-spouse Amber Heard stemming from an op-ed published three years prior. Not far behind was Will Smith in second place after making headlines for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars following a jest about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Following close on their heels landed Amber Heard in third place.

Other Searches in 2022 USA

Other than searching terms, people had been curious on certain question tags that Google has been helpful about.

  • 1. What is NATO?
  • 2. What is monkeypox?
  • 3. What is rsv?
  • 4. What is Wordle?
  • 5. What is aphasia?
  • 6. What is a NFT?
  • 7. What is a recession?
  • 8. What is vabbing?
  • 9. What is Roe v Wade?
  • 10. What is the Wordle today?

In a share-worthy online world, fame or defame is a quick word and many grab it quickly. Below are the top searched people.


  • 1. Who is Andrew Tate?
  • 2. Who is winning the election?
  • 3. Who is the king of England?
  • 4. Who is the watcher?
  • 5. Who is Alex Jones?
  • 6. Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?
  • 7. Who is next in line for the throne?
  • 8. Who is Amber Heard?
  • 9. Who is Aaron Carter?
  • 10. Who is in NATO?

With Google Maps and Local SEO on the rise, Local business are getting a big bite of profit. Below is the top Near me tags in 2022. Guess it was all about COVID!

Near Me.

  • 1. Gas prices near me
  • 2. At home COVID test near me
  • 3. Voting near me
  • 4. Early voting near me
  • 5. PCR test near me
  • 6. COVID booster near me
  • 7. Easter egg hunt near me
  • 8. Where to vote near me
  • 9. Concerts near me
  • 10. n95 masks near me

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